Zero Inbox Internal Communication Infrastructure

100% Slack alternative in-house. Tightly coupled with Tasks and Documents. Integrates with transactional systems. Chatbots-enabled.

Internal Communication System that eliminates email overload and the use of consumer apps like Whatsapp

The chat-based workspace on Cordiant, a 100% Slack/Whatsapp alternative that runs inside the bank’s secure perimeter, combines chat, documents, people and tools, in one place.

While branches, regional offices, departments and teams can communicate in the moment with each other through Cordiant Chat, they can also use Cordiant’s Formal Internal Conversations which enable complete tracking of every single response and reply within a conversation.

Together with Cordiant Chat and Cordiant Formal Internal Conversations, banks can completely eliminate email and achieve “in-box zero” for internal communications.

With the bank’s own modern communication infrastructure installed inside the network, bank employees can also avoid the use of consumer apps like Whatsapp, where there’s always the possibility of the data being shared with or forwarded to unauthorized people.

Messaging and Collaboration

Additionally, with Cordiant’s Formal Internal Conversations, each employee will know exactly which conversations require their response and also which conversations have still unread responses from peers and co-workers.

Task Management

The Task Management module on Cordiant handles stand-alone and recurring Tasks outside of Projects and helps keep track of individual and team tasks that have to be completed in a timely fashion.

Task Management

Cordiant Task Management is tightly integrated with Cordiant Chat. And through Cordiant’s APIs, it also integrates with the bank’s core applications and sub-systems.

Specific events in the bank’s core applications and sub-systems can be made to automatically trigger tasks to be executed by a person or a group. This will also generate corresponding messages in Cordiant Chat notifying the assignees about the specific Task. All task notifications are appropriately color-coded to reflect the current status of the task - not started, in progress or completed.

The Task Management module on Cordiant helps banks deliver markedly superior customer service and maintain the highest levels of regulatory compliance at all times.