Zero Inbox Internal Communication Infrastructure for Banks and Financial Institutions

Cordiant offers a troika of apps that work together to eliminate email overload in banks and financial services organizations.

It’s a flexible enterprise-wide messaging solution that equips users in banks and financial services organizations with a modern communication platform while ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining data security.

The entire infrastructure is deployed inside the institution’s secure perimeter: in its on-premise data centre or in private cloud.

With the institution’s own modern communication infrastructure installed inside the network, employees can also avoid the use of consumer apps like Whatsapp, where there’s always the possibility of the data being shared with or forwarded to unauthorized people.

All Cordiant solutions are built on DataStax Enterprise, the always-on data management platform of choice of banks like UBS, ING, Capital One, Macquarie Group and Itaú for rolling out transformational banking applications.

Chat-based Messaging Workspace

The Chat-based Enterprise Messaging workspace combines chat, documents, people and tools, in one place.

Messaging and Collaboration

Enterprise-wide Messaging: Communicate across the enterprise in real time.

Secure one-to-one Communication: Use it for one-to-one communication and collaboration.

Team, Department and Group Communication: Branches, Departments, Business Verticals, Teams and Sub-teams can have dedicated channels for communication and collaboration within.

Notifications Hub: Integrate legacy Core Banking Systems and other Line of Business applications to send notifications to designated channels. This ensures that everyone is on the same page while eliminating the need for sending a multitude of notification emails.

Topic-based Secure Channels: Establish Topic-based channels where information pertaining to a specific topic or a particular product is broadcast to, shared and discussed between authorized people with complete security.

End-to-End Encryption: All your messaging data at rest and in motion is encrypted using AES-256 encryption and resides inside your data center or in your private cloud.

Fast and powerful Search: Search for specific messages and documents and find them quickly, when you really need them.

Formal Internal Conversations

With Formal Internal Conversations on Cordiant, people can formally communicate with one or more persons like in email with the additional benefit of tracking the status of each of those messages with respect to reads and responses.

Messaging and Collaboration

A person can open a formal internal conversation and it remains open until it is closed. This way, every single conversation has a life cycle during which time it is tracked to ensure that people read and respond to important communication without fail.

Additionally, all conversations remain on the institution’s secure server, unlike email which gets downloaded to an employee’s computers and smartphones and remains there even after the employee has left the organization.

Task Manager

A significant contributor to email overload is the use of email to assign tasks to individuals and teams.

Cordiant has an embedded Task Manager which eliminates the need for using email to assign tasks.

Tasks can be assigned to individuals or groups like teams and departments.

Task Management

All the data with respect to Tasks always remain inside your secure server.

Tasks can also be created by automated robotic processes that identifies and flags events as they happen in line of business applications and subsystems and assign them as actionable items for completion in a time-bound manner.