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The Operational Data Layer

  • Consolidates data silo-ed in multiple line of business applications
  • Single, coherent data layer built on Graph
  • Helps roll out smarter Conversational AI-based apps
  • Serves data to customer-facing and internal applications
  • Facilitates “Citizen Data Analytics”

The Operational Data Layer sits between the enterprise's systems of record like legacy databases, data lakes and data pools and the systems of engagement like customer, employee and partner apps.

It is built by drawing both structured and unstructured data from the Line of Business applications and data lakes and coherently connecting them all together primarily through a secure, encrypted Enterprise Data Graph.

Serve Data to Customer-facing Apps

Isolated datasets for each of the customers in the Operational Data Layer help deliver data at speed and with enhanced security in customer-facing applications.

The Operational Data Layer serves customer data to customer-facing apps to enhance customer experience and for effective cross-selling of the enterprise’s products and services.

Also, extending the Operational Data Layer to serve customer data through customer-facing apps is a risk-controlled approach compared to serving the data directly from the legacy application store.

Since the Operational Data Layer consolidates data from many existing disparate systems in the enterprise, it removes friction from the customer journey.

Customer-facing apps can also draw Customer 360 degree data from the Operational Data Layer in real time to provide a more engaging experience to each customer.

When a customer interacts with the business through its app, the app can send an api call to the Operational Data Layer which in turn will send the 360 degree data specific to that customer.

By traversing the 360 degree data of each of the customers, automated bots running in the Operational Data Layer can regularly flag offers and cross-selling opportunities to the right customers.

Apps can be designed to leverage this information and deliver good-fit offers to the customer in line with the profile.

Enhanced Security: By extending the Operational Data Layer to serve customer data, the backend data remains secure at all times as customer requests always terminate at the Operational Data Layer instead of in the Line of Business Applications. This protects the backend data store from threats like sql injections.

Serve Data to Employee-facing Apps

Present your employees with a conversational user interface to access, retrieve and update information, files and resources on-demand, using plain English.

Master Data Management

  1. With the continuous integration of data from the Line of Business Applications, the Operational Data Layer built as an Enterprise Data Graph becomes the single-point repository of the Master Data of the enterprise.
  2. The Master Data is stored with all its connections and relationships in place in the Enterprise Data Graph.
  3. You can now get a 360 degree View of everything: Customers, Branches, Territories, Relationship Managers, Employees, Lines of Business, Product Lines, Service Lines, Third-party Products.

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