Secure Operational Data Layer powered by DataStax Enterprise ™

An operational data layer that sits on top of legacy line of business data store in your bank helps you meet the distributed, real-time, always-on demands of the 21st century banking enterprise.

With the operational data layer in place, you can spawn transformative banking applications that score high on speed, availability, consistency, scalability and security while accessing and serving critical financial services data.

Image Source: DataStax, Inc.

The operational data layer helps drive digital transformation initiatives to enhance customer experience. Having the operational data layer in place is a risk-controlled approach to using the legacy application store. It enhances the value of the legacy application store instead of replacing it outright.

The operational data layer consolidates data from many existing disparate systems in the bank and removes friction from the customer journey. Isolated datasets for each of the customers in the operational data layer help deliver data at speed and with enhanced security in customer-facing applications.

The backend data remains secure at all times as customer requests always terminate at the operational data layer. This protects the backend data store from threats like sql injections at all times.

Image Source: DataStax, Inc.

The operational data layer is the engine on which banks can spawn transformative applications for customers and for internal use.

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