Have omni-channel conversations with your customers

60% of the customers expect businesses to communicate with them through the customer’s preferred channel.

The solution: Customer-facing messaging apps that support omni-channel communications.

With omni-channel conversation apps, your business communicates with your customers on the channel they prefer, all from a single platform.

At Cordiant, we build messaging apps that can help you create meaningful conversations with your customers, across channels.

Channels that your omni-channel conversation platform supports

Chat: Send and field in-app mobile and web chats

SMS: Engage over text with global, tested mobile numbers

MMS: Send media-rich messages with GIF, image and video support

Whatsapp: Whatsapp: Reach 1.6 billion+ active users around the world

RCS: Combine the ubiquity of SMS with the power of rich, contextual communications.

All customer conversations are securely stored for future reference and context.

And your application can scale to thousands of conversations at any given time.

Want to build and deploy an omni-channel conversation platform?