Continual development of the bank's workforce for accomplishment of bank's missions. Compliance Learning.

eLearning including Compliance-Related Learning

The Cordiant Learning and Development microservice enables the continual development of the bank’s workforce and advances the accomplishment of bank’s missions and compliance responsibilities through simplified and one-stop access to high quality elearning content, courses and services

Reduce the load on regional and national training centers

By rolling out eLearning, banks can massively reduce the load on its regional and national training centers. With Cordiant deployed, employees and new hires do not have to travel to the training centers as often as in the past. Banks will lose fewer work-days due to employees travelling to these centers and also accumulate substantial savings in travel and boarding expenses.

Quiz Authoring Tool

A powerful Quiz Authoring tool within the Cordiant Learning and Development module enables the development and rollout of Quizzes to assess the effectiveness of learning outcomes for each knowledge module.

Onboarding New Hires

Learning modules on the institution’s missions, policies and procedures can enable new hires to be onboarded quickly and effectively.

Compliance Learning

Additionally, banks can stay statutorily compliant and auditable on all its training obligations and keep its workforce fully informed about the latest compliance requirements as well as industry best practices.

On-demand learning and mobile learning

Employees can get access to any authorized learning content on demand, any place, any time, any device. All learning modules on Cordiant run on mobile devices through native apps built for iOS and Android.

Roll out without disrupting your Core Applications

All Cordiant solutions run from an Operational Data Layer that sits on top of the bank’s core banking data store.

The Operational Data Layer built on DataStax Enterprise scores on speed, availability, consistency, scalability and security while accessing and serving critical financial services data.

DataStax Enterprise(™) is the data management platform of choice of 9 of the top 15 global banks for building and rolling out transformative banking applications for the always-on economy.