Implementation and
Advisory Services


Cordiant offers specialized Conversational Experience advisory services. Along with design and implementation capabilities for B2B and B2C businesses worldwide.

Our offshore services and advisory team in India delivers these services. This ensures that the transformative work we do is at competitive prices.

We deploy the resultant solution on the Cordiant Automated Conversational Experiences platform (ACE). At a fraction of the cost it would otherwise.

We have built ACE on AI and machine learning stacks from the world’s top 4 technology companies. So, your investments in these transformational initiatives will endure the test of time.

Conversational Customer Experiences

When the interactions happen on messaging apps through the ACE platform, these resulting experiences are more or less permanently etched into their phones (and their minds) unlike experiences from point-and-click GUI systems. Making your customers more likely to re-engage with your brand and your business in the future.

Conversational Customer Experiences

Your customers can engage with your business from the channel of their choice. Using natural language. And get instant responses, mostly visual, for their granular questions and requests.

Without making a phone call. And without sending frustrating emails.

Customers can place orders, book services, get support, provide feedback. In fact, engage with your business, anyplace, anywhere, using natural language.

Customers get instant responses from your business. And these responses are rich in visual media. This makes these interactions memorable enough. To transform your brand recall in a very positive way.

Conversational Employee Experiences

The ACE platform helps more effective employee onboarding and training. And moment-of-need performance support for your employees.

ACE can leverage your enterprise knowledge base. And build itself into an Alexa-like resource for your employees. With the ability to answer any questions that they might have related to their work.

Employees can ask questions during the course of their work. And get instant responses to their questions and queries.

Our team can work closely with your Human Resources and IT. For a quick roll out of these employee experiences within your business.

Conversational Employee Experiences

Conversational Vendor and Partner Experiences

Conversational Vendor and Partner Experiences

Extend the rich, automated conversational experiences to your vendors and partners as well. And make it easier for them to engage with your business.

Conversational AI Advisory Services

Cordiant provides strategic and implementation advisory services in the fast-emerging Conversational AI realm.

Our advisory services help businesses transform into a conversational enterprise.