• Integrated Digital Business Platforms for the Always-ON Economy

At Cordiant, our mission is to build, evangelize and propagate Integrated Digital Business Platforms that fundamentally transform how people and businesses work in the 21st century.

Our goal is to have at least a million happy customers worldwide deploying our software platforms by 2022.

We are committed to achieving this goal through expertly crafted software platforms that can be subscribed and rolled out by businesses at very little cost, with value being delivered from Day 1.

Ekamcloud from Ekam Labs transforms your Small/Medium Enterprise into a high-performance Digital Business.

When you roll out Ekamcloud in your business, you are in control. As a business leader, you connect seamlessly with your business from wherever you are.

And you get a better handle on your projects and operations.

Project Teams, Departments, Leadership Teams, Teams working from multiple time-zones, Cross-border Teams, Branch Locations, Remote Workers, Field Staff: You start to see where they are with respect to their work.

Also, you deliver a great Employee Experience by giving them a single, easy-to-use and coherent system that gets most of their work done.

And optionally, you can bring your clients and partners into Ekamcloud and collaborate with them on specific projects.

There's no infrastructure to install and you see value being delivered from Day 1.

30-Day Free Trial. $59.99/month Flat for an unlimited number of users thereafter. No per-user pricing.


A Bit of History

In the late 90’s, Cordiant established itself as the go-to-provider in India for Lotus Notes/ Domino Development for enterprises and ISVs worldwide.

Thereafter, it expanded the range of offerings, to work with a large spectrum of ISVs focused on the enterprise, as their preferred India Engineering Partner.

Cordiant worked closely with Paisley Consulting as their India Engineering Partner, from conception, go-to-market thru product maturity for their Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions. The Paisley GRC solution established itself as the leader in the GRC space, with a 30% footprint among the Fortune 500. Acquired by Thomson Reuters in late 2008, it continues to be the market leader in this space through the Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions offering.

Cordiant has been the India Engineering Partner for scores of startups and ISVs, focused on the enterprise. The specific areas of expertise include enterprise collaboration, e-learning and m-learning, enterprise GRC, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and core banking.

In April 2016, Cordiant set up Ekam Labs in New York City as the go-to-market vehicle for the Integrated Digital Business Platforms we would be developing over the next few years.

About Us

When we first set out to build a digital business platform that evolved into what Ekamcloud is today, we had only YOU on our minds.

We wanted to use the power of digital to make it easy for business leaders to run their businesses through informed decision-making, every single day.

And we wanted to re-imagine the work-life of millions of people who struggle with multiple, clunky systems at their workplace. Our Digital Workplace Manifesto, which we published in 2015, and honestly very few people read then, originated from that desire.

Also, we wanted to ensure that our platform delivers great value right from Day 1, and at very little cost, to each of our customers.

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