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The World's First Work Platform that Physically Integrates Data Silos in Financial Institutions

We make those complex relationships look simple

Your enterprise is driven by connections. We give you a work platform powered by DataStax Enterprise. DSE is the always-on data platform built on a highly scalable enterprise-class multi-modal database, which includes a powerful Graph Datastore. Your critical data is stored in vertexes(objects) and edges(the relationship between objects), instead of in a traditional SQL database.

As your business generates large sets of data with numerous and complex relationships, you find it easy to discover, explore, and make sense of these data and their relationships.

Unstructured Data

We start with your unstructured data

Your unstructured data which is typically 80% of all the data that is generated in your organization, is a treasure trove of information and so much related to each other. However, it’s all over the place, silo-ed in multiple tools, in email, users’ hard disks and network file shares, with all those relationships broken.

We bring it all together into a single, coherent, semantic data store, with all relationships intact.

The best way to run your institution by democratizing analytics for real-time decision-making at work.

Project Management and Task Management, Messaging and Collaboration, Document Collaboration with File Management as also Workplace Learning, all integrated into a single unified platform designed for 24/7 availability. And your data is all in one place instead of being silo-ed in multiple tools and repositories, including email.

The best way to run your institution by democratizing analytics for real-time decision-making at work.

You can pipe in your structured data as well

You can pipe in your structured data generated in your relational databases and have them mapped as relationships and indexed.

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You can now consolidate and make sense of data from disparate sources like consumer-facing apps and business backend systems.

You can connect the dots to identify trends while at the same time, spot outliers as potential threats.

Lightning Fast Search

Your data is indexed real-time using the integrated DSE Search. You ask questions and get lightning fast results that are semantically aligned with your business context. The built-in Search Engine delivers at Google-search speeds. In fact, at better than Google-search speeds.

You deliver a great Employee Experience

You give your employees a single, easy-to-use and coherent system that gets most of their work done. You make it easy for them to find people, information and files. And help them collaborate in the course of their workflow.

You liberate them from email overload. They attend fewer internal meetings. And you give them visibility for the work they accomplish every single day.

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With a work platform built on an API-driven, microservices architecture, your business will have extended mobility across the enterprise. Fully loaded, powerful mobile apps on iOS and Android, with an accent on usability, keep everyone securely connected from wherever they are.

You roll out automated workflows powered by our Chatbots

You automate your most complex workflows as microservices and bring them to production at speed. Real-time analytics and visualizations provide management oversight on the status of these workflows at all times.

In the front-end, instead of building conventional user interfaces for these workflows with multiple screens, you give your users a conversational user interface powered by our Chatbots.

And our Chatbots are designed to successfully complete the workflow 100% of the time, not 93% or even 99.98%.

You integrate, store, manage and analyze all your data in a single place

You bring your data to where people use it, into their work platform, and with all the data relationships intact. Whilst some of it is natively generated on the platform, rest of it is piped from disparate sources.

You business is not data-siloed any more, giving you a sustainable competitive advantage.

High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Security

With automatic failover, replication and backup/recovery, you’re ready for the Always-on Economy.

All data at rest and in motion is encrypted in AES-256. Row-based Access Control and Role-based Access Control for search indexes. LDAP.

Installed on your own
Virtual Private Cloud (AWS/Azure/Oracle Managed Cloud) or in your On-Premise Data Centers.

The World's First Work Platform that Physically Integrates Data Silos in Financial Institutions

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