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DSE Consulting Services

Migrating from Relational to DSE

Cordiant can be your technology partner to migrate your current applications built on legacy relational database technology to the multi-modal DataStax Enterprise database, which includes Apache Cassandra and the DSE Graph Database.

DSE Graph

DataStax Enterprise Graph is the first graph database fast enough to power customer facing applications, capable of scaling to massive datasets and integrated advanced tools that power deep analytical queries. Because DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is built on the core architecture of Apache Cassandra™, DSE Graph can scale to billions of objects, spanning hundreds of machines across multiple datacenters with no single point of failure. DSE Graph is built on proven open source technologies including Apache TinkerPop™, Apache Cassandra™, Apache Spark™, and others.

A combination of structured and unstructured data with heavy data complexity and with hundreds of thousands to millions or billions of potential relationships and with a constantly evolving and changing business model could be best stored and analyzed using the DSE Graph infrastructure.

Cordiant has proven expertise building cloud applications that need to manage, analyze and search highly connected data by harnessing the power of DSE Graph.

DSE Search

DataStax Enterprise Search extends Apache Solr, the most popular open source search software, with new, unique features such as Live Indexing to provide more robust, enterprise level search capabilities.

Cordiant can help you leverage DSE Search with the rest of the DSE Platform

DSE Infrastructure Management

Cordiant provides the entire spectrum of services required to deploy and manage your DSE infrastructure for 24/7 availability.

End-to-End Product Engineering on DSE

Thinking about a new product in the cloud? Most 21st century products are best built on no-sql databases rather than on legacy relational databases. If you are building a product for the always-on economy, the DSE stack can be amongst the best options to build your product for scale.

With proven expertise in building scores of successful products for partners over a period of two decades, Cordiant can be your ideal technology partner to build your next product on the DSE stack.

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