How I would re-imagine my Digital Workplace!


Consumer-style, my new standard

I wish my workplace applications were as intuitive, easy-to-use and coherent as the consumer apps I use everyday on my mobile devices.


Give me one single system that gets most of my work done

I am a Knowledge Worker. On a given day, I have to navigate between several stand-alone applications, each with its own interface, to get my work done- the Intranet, LMS, ESN, KMS, Digital Asset Library, Office Productivity Tools and my overloaded email, among them.

The big worry is that my company continues to invest in clunky, highly-complex, stand-alone software that leaves me further stumped and unproductive.

My wish, give me one single system that does the work of all these applications!


Make it easy to find information and files:

I spend a lot of time every single day, trying to find information virtually silo-ed in the disparate applications I access at work. I know that the information is there somewhere, but I do not know where it is!

I wish I could search for and discover information and files, quickly and efficiently, from a central enterprise knowledge-base.

ESN for Collaboration? Not Sure

ESN for Collaboration? Not Sure

Expecting me to jump into the Enterprise Social Network each time I need to collaborate is a big ask. Instead, I should collaborate seamlessly with my peers and co-workers, at the moment-of-need.


No to Industrial Age Learning, Yes to Social-Age Learning

I’m yet to hear someone in my company say that our big-brand LMS rocks. I wish that most of my workplace learning would be informal, on-demand, anytime, anyplace, and quite likely on my smart-phone.


Fewer Internal Meetings

When customers and partners call or email, I want to respond immediately instead of them being told that I’m in a meeting. Honestly, I’d love to spend way lesser time in our internal meetings, which are far too many and go on and on.


I need visibility for the work I do, and regular feedback too

I wish that the great things I accomplish everyday at work get visibility with my team and my organization.

And I’d love to receive regular, continuous feedback from my peers and co-workers instead of waiting for my Performance Appraisal, which is so far away.


This is my
Digital Workplace

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