Cordiant helps government and public sector organizations work securely in the cloud.

Government and Public Sector Organizations can roll out Cordiant while being guaranteed national data sovereignty along with a full and transparent audit trail of all actions and activities that take place around the data.

With Cordiant, government agencies can confidently collaborate within departments and across departments, have secure real-time communication through a state-of-the-art chat interface and share documents with each other, including with complete version control.

How Cordiant can be used

Government Departments can set up their personnel on Cordiant for them to collaborate with each other within the department and across departments and projects.

Managing Agency Projects

Through Cordiant Projects, government agencies can seamlessly rollout modern agile project management methodologies to manage short-term as well as long-term projects with unprecedented efficiency and massively enhanced visibility on project progress.

Project teams can be set up for specific projects with people from within a department or from across departments and can also include suppliers and contractors.

Messaging and Collaboration

Cordiant brings together the information that departments and teams need to work effectively and perform at their peak. The chat-based workspace on Cordiant combines chat, documents, people and tools, in one secure place.

While departments and teams can communicate in the moment with each other through Cordiant Chat, they can also use Cordiant’s Formal Internal Conversations which enable complete tracking of every single response and reply within a conversation. Together with Cordiant Chat and Cordiant Formal Internal Conversations, government agencies can completely eliminate email and achieve “in-box zero” for internal conversations.

Messaging and Collaboration

Additionally, with Cordiant’s Formal Internal Conversations, each team member will know exactly which conversations require their response and also which conversations have still unread responses from other members.

Document Management and Information Publishing

Cordiant enables the creation, storage and sharing of policy documents for authorized personnel within a government agency. Field agents can use the power of Cordiant on the mobile to securely send photos and videos to the Cordiant repository instead of using consumer apps like Whatsapp where there’s always the possibility of the data being shared with or forwarded to unauthorized people.

With Cordiant in place, government agencies can efficiently manage large volumes of bid and contract documents while maintaining audit trails of contract performance documentation through the life of the contract.

And with Activity Tracking, every single activity like view or edit, upload or download of a file is tracked for each file or document in the Cordiant repository

eLearning including Compliance-related Learning

Cordiant e-Learning enables the continual development of the government workforce and advances the accomplishment of department missions through simplified and one-stop access to high-quality elearning content, courses and services.

The Power of the Mobile

Fully loaded, powerful mobile apps on iOS and Android, built with an accent on usability, keep everyone securely connected from wherever they are.

Harnessing the power of data connections

Cordiant is built from the ground up on DataStax Enterprise, the always-on data platform for the world’s most innovative cloud applications.

DSE is built on a highly scalable, enterprise-class multi-model database, which includes a powerful Graph Datastore. As your deployment generates large sets of data with numerous and complex relationships, you find it easy to discover, explore and make sense of these data and their relationships.

Collaborate with Confidence

Cordiant is installed either in the Virtual Private Cloud or On-Premise for government organizations. All Cordiant cloud installations come with cloud computing security controls including vulnerability scanning, incident monitoring, logging and reporting.

Cordiant data centers are hosted in Virtual Private Clouds on AWS, Azure or Oracle Managed Cloud, depending on their availability within specific sovereign boundaries. These data centers are certified to the highest standards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Cordiant data centers adhere to strict certifications spanning access control, data encryption and threat protection.


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