IT, ITeS and Consulting Companies can roll out Cordiant in their own Virtual Private Cloud as THE platform to run their projects and operations.

Alternately, a multi-tenanted SaaS version of Cordiant is available through Ekamcloud from Ekam Labs, a subsidiary of Cordiant operational for global SaaS subscriptions.

Cordiant has been built with the single-minded vision of providing on-demand real-time visibility for an enterprise’s top management on its people, its projects and its operations.

Project Management with Time Tracking

Through Cordiant Projects, IT, ITeS and Consulting Companies can seamlessly roll out agile project management methodologies to manage short-term and long-term client projects with unprecedented efficiency and massively enhanced visibility.

With Time Tracking enabled on Cordiant Projects, timesheets are auto-generated in the ordinary course of work being performed. And setting up Organizational Work Calendars and Personal Time and Absence Calendars enable comprehensive tracking of employee work and absence.

Cordiant Projects has in-built support for teams working from multiple time zones and geographies and for consultants working remote or from offshore locations.

Task Management

Stand-alone as well as recurring Tasks which are outside of projects are handled separately on Cordiant. This way, there’s a clear delineation of tasks within projects and tasks outside of projects.

Workplace Learning

With Cordiant Projects and Cordiant Task Management in place, each person will know what they are scheduled to be working on, every single workday.

Messaging and Collaboration

Cordiant brings together the information that departments and teams need to work effectively and perform at their peak. The chat-based workspace on Cordiant combines chat, documents, people and tools, in one secure place.

While departments and teams can communicate in the moment with each other through Cordiant Chat, they can also use Cordiant’s Formal Internal Conversations which enable complete tracking of every single response and reply within a conversation. Together with Cordiant Chat and Cordiant Formal Internal Conversations, you can completely eliminate email and achieve “in-box zero” for internal conversations.

Messaging and Collaboration

Additionally, with Cordiant’s Formal Internal Conversations, each team member will know exactly which conversations require their response and also which conversations have still unread responses from other members.

Document Management and Information Publishing

Cordiant enables the creation, storage and sharing of documents and media for authorized personnel within a project team or a department. Analysts and consultants can use the power of Cordiant on the mobile to securely send photos and videos from client locations to the Cordiant repository instead of using consumer apps where there’s always the possibility of the data being shared with or forwarded to unauthorized people.

With Cordiant in place, IT, ITes and Consulting companies can efficiently manage large volumes of project-specific documents, bid and contract documents, vendor agreements, client agreements as well as employee-specific, government and statutory documents.

And with Activity Tracking, every single activity like view or edit, upload or download of a file is tracked for each file or document in the Cordiant repository

Workplace Learning

The integrated University on Cordiant fosters 21st century learning best practices to the knowledge workers in IT, ITeS and Consulting companies. These practices revolve around on-demand learning, crowdsourcing of stumbled-upon content to peers and co-workers and mobile learning.

Whilst onboarding new hires, knowledge modules can be assigned to the new hires for them to quickly come up to speed with the organization and its business.

Similarly, when onboarding new team members to an ongoing project, project-related documents and media can be organized and assigned to the new team members.

Workplace Learning

Any content that needs to be referenced whenever needed can be organized into Knowledge Modules in the University and assigned to relevant teams.

Branded Client Portals

With Cordiant in their own Virtual Private Cloud, IT, ITeS and Consulting companies can create secure client-branded portals to manage projects. They can move all communication and documents into their own secure workspace and stop sharing sensitive files through email or consumer-grade file sharing apps.

The integrated Cordiant University can be rolled out to update clients and partners on the latest products, services and project-related information within a secure learning environment that supports mobile learning and 21st century learning best practices.

With branded client portals, IT, ITeS and Consulting companies inject transparency and real-time interactions for meaningful client engagement. Clients are always wanting to seamlessly engage with you as their consultants.

Branded portals active with people who understand that client engagement matters a lot for long-term success, automatically deliver that exceptional experience. This goes a long way towards overall client satisfaction and client retention.

Harnessing the power of data connections

Cordiant is built from the ground up on DataStax Enterprise, the always-on data platform for the world’s most innovative cloud applications.

DSE is the always-on data platform built on a highly scalable enterprise-class multi-modal database, which includes a powerful Graph Datastore. Your critical data is stored in vertexes(objects) and edges(the relationship between objects), instead of in a traditional SQL database.

As your business generates large sets of data with numerous and complex relationships, you find it easy to discover, explore, and make sense of these data and their relationships.

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  • The Complete Run Your Business Platform with extensibility: Instead of using multiple SaaS tools and data repositories to manage your client engagements, you roll out Cordiant as the complete Run Your Business Platform, deployed inside your secure perimeter in the Cloud. All your data goes into a single DataStax repository (Graph, Cassandra, Search Indexes) instead of being physically siloed in multiple vendor tools. And you can leverage the microservice architecture of Cordiant and the data management capabilities of DataStax Enterprise to extend the platform horizontally to meet your current and future requirements.
  • Client-Branded Portals: With the multi-tenanted Cordiant running inside your own Virtual Private Cloud, you can create secure client-branded portals to manage your projects. You can move all communication and documents of each client into their own secure workspace and stop sharing sensitive files through email or consumer-grade file sharing apps.
  • Hitherto Unavailable Visibility for Top Management: When you deploy Cordiant in your organization, you get on-demand visibility on the core of your business: on your people, on your projects and on your operations, and across multiple time-zones and geographies. You run your business based on data on the table, rather than by sentiment.



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