At Cordiant, we specialize in building conversational apps.

The conversational AI interface we build uses speech recognition and text to augment the traditional GUI.

Unlike traditional business applications, users on conversational apps do not have to search for a specific function in the GUI. Instead, they speak or text in natural language to perform an action or to retrieve information.

Your application’s virtual assistant constantly converses with your users to understand their intent and performs the function for them.

The Help Center is Passé with Conversational Apps

When you roll out a conversational app, your users do not have to visit the Help Center or go through Help documentation to understand how something is done.

Instead, they just say what they want to do. And their virtual assistant takes care of the request.

Your C-Suite requires Conversational Apps, today.

Getting timely and accurate information on demand has always been a challenge for business leaders.

Conversational apps can deliver your senior executives the information they need on business operations, on demand.

Executives interact with your app through voice or text, just like they would ask Alexa.

The world loves to text. Are you ready?