Bot-driven Customer Support

Using Conversational User Interface and Chatbots

Customer Support using Conversational User Interface and Chatbots

With the Cordiant Customer Support module rolled out, bank customers have the choice of using a Whatsapp-like conversational user interface for support issues, instead of using the conventional IVR system which has been a source of frustration for most customers.

The Cordiant Customer Support System for Banks is powered by automated Chatbots that talk to the customer at the first level. And if needed, the Chatbots will query the bank’s back-end systems to provide specific information and resources to the bank’s customer without the customer having to talk to a human.

The Chatbots have the ability to scale horizontally to talk to any number of customers in parallel. Also, they can automatically hand over control to a human support person in case a customer issue cannot be resolved at their level.