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Cordiant Solutions, Powered by AI

An Intelligent Knowledge-base for Sales Teams supported by a Chatbot

  • Sales teams get fresh, accurate information from a chatbot as they talk to customers and prospects.
  • New reps become productive 3 times faster. They can ask questions in plain English and get quick answers.
  • Product teams create documents and update the knowledge-base on an ongoing basis.
  • Gaps in the knowledge-base are auto-detected for follow-up action.
  • Roll out to your Customer Support Teams and Customer Success Teams as well.
  • Deploy on Cordiaa Chat.

Deploy a Chatbot on your Website

  • Extend your sales 24/7, Real time
  • Qualify leads while you sleep
  • Deliver information to better inform prospects
  • Nurture your prospects along the buying cycle
  • Give potential customers the answers they need in real time
  • Give them information immediately, with accuracy
  • Capture what you need from them
  • Even set up a meeting on the fly
  • Engage and qualify leads
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of your sales teams
  • Close more leads with less time
  • Life-like conversational interactions for your customers and prospects - all automated.

Deploy a Conversational User Interface across your Business

  • A chat infrastructure beyond just messaging and file sharing
  • You can use plain english just like in Amazon Alexa to get information and to get things done
  • Connects with your backend systems and with Cordiant Conversational Data Layer to retrieve and deliver information requested
  • Your users get an interface that they’re already familiar with in consumer chat apps like Whatsapp
  • Support for 31 languages (we’re constantly adding more..)
  • Use real-time auto-translations to converse effectively with global, multilingual teams.
  • Scales up to tens of thousands of users for a single organization
  • Multi-tenanted SaaS, Private Cloud and On-Premise deployment options
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