Transformative IT Solutions for
Banking and Financial Services


Powered by DataStax Enterprise


Substantially lowers the risk of bad loans and bank frauds through real-time Risk and Compliance Audit powered by automated robotic processes. Flags risks as they happen using advanced analytics and unbiased risk management techniques.

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Democratizes big data analytics by semantically connecting the structured and unstructured data in the bank for any authorized person to analyze data intuitively without specialized data analytics and query language skills.

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Automated chatbots that talk to a customer at the first level. Provides specific information to the bank’s customer without the customer having to talk to a human. Scales horizontally. Auto-summons human support for unresolved issues.

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Bank’s own communication infrastructure in-house with real-time chat and formal internal conversations. Eliminates email overload and the deleterious use of consumer apps like Whatsapp for internal communications.

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Multi-purpose file storage system to store and access unstructured documents. Provides stringent retention, protection and object management controls that meet rigorous regulatory and legal requirements.

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Enables the continual development of the bank’s workforce and advances the accomplishment of bank’s missions and compliance responsibilities through simplified and one-stop access to high quality eLearning content, courses and services.

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Agile project management for the non-professional project manager in the predominantly process-driven financial services workplace. Manages risk and compliance initiatives, new branch openings, new product and service launches, IT projects and more.

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Secure Operational Data Layer powered by DataStax Enterprise(™). Spawns transformative banking applications that score high on speed, availability, consistency, scalability and security while accessing and serving critical financial services data.

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Built on DataStax Enterprise

Cordiant has been built from the ground up on DataStax Enterprise, the always-on data platform for the most innovative cloud applications.

DSE has a highly scalable enterprise-class multi-modal database, which includes a powerful Graph Datastore. Your critical data is stored in vertexes(objects) and edges(the relationship between objects), instead of in a traditional SQL database.

As your business generates large sets of data with numerous and complex relationships, you find it easy to discover, explore, and make sense of these data and their relationships.

High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Security

With automatic failover, replication and backup/recovery, you’re ready for the Always-on Economy.

All data at rest and in motion is encrypted in AES-256. Row-based Access Control and Role-based Access Control for search indexes. LDAP.

Installed on your own Virtual Private Cloud (AWS/Azure/Oracle Managed Cloud) or in your On-Premise Data Centers.