Introducing Tiny Teams!

We offer a fresh approach to offshore software development. By building tiny, nimble teams of just 2-3 highly skilled engineers in India, we are able to deliver top-quality project outcomes at a fraction of the time and cost of larger teams.


We Will Exceed Your Expectations

Our unique approach allows us to gauge the performance of each team member on a daily basis. This ensures that we are able to consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

Plus, by working with multiple Tiny Teams, we are able to scale and adapt to the needs of even the largest projects.

Experience the Big Benefits of Tiny Teams


Complete projects in 60% of the time


And at < 50% of the cost of larger teams


Experience the Big Benefits of Tiny Teams

Our Tiny Teams approach ensures that your projects are completed in 60% of the time it takes for larger teams. And at less than 50% of the cost of traditional approaches.

And to top it all, we as your partner in India, act as the glue that binds your team together.

More Reasons..


Many software engineering teams are unnecessarily large, leading to higher costs and longer project timelines.


Adding an unnecessary resource to a team often ends up generating the need to recruit another additional resource!


Since offshore resources are not as expensive, you could be building bigger teams. And this is counterproductive.


Software engineering is similar to sports. Just like for an athlete, there should be complete visibility into an engineer’s performance on a daily basis.


Do not recruit anyone whose performance you cannot gauge every single day. And for doing this, you need to have Tiny Teams.


You can always build your Tiny Teams with only A players. Larger teams more often than not, end up as B Teams since there are only so many A players to recruit from.


Uncomplicated communication and ‘The Buck Stops With Us’’ ownership. This is what makes Tiny Teams tick.

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