ML Engineering Services

We orchestrate the capabilities of the world’s top AI solution providers right into your applications.

Conversational AI, Chatbots, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing.

AI Orchestration and Applied Machine Learning

Cordiant orchestrates the capabilities of multiple AI solution providers to solve specific, high impact problems in business and governments, with a conversational interface at the top layer.

NLP: Recognize the language of the text and extract important phrases, sentiment, syntax, key entities such as brand, date, location, person etc for customer analytics, semantic search, knowledge management and discovery.

Ingest, process, organize and append metadata to content.

Unlock the power of deep learning and computer vision to transform and analyze images, audio and video into actionable insights.

We work closely with software companies to deliver AI-enabled solutions to their customers

Cordiant works closely with software companies to help build and go to market with AI-enabled products and solutions.

Whether it’s a one-off project or your dedicated team in India working on multiple projects, Cordiant can be the ideal partner for software companies across the globe.

Some of the brands we have served

Introducing Cordiaa One, the Conversational AI Solution
for the C-Suite

Cordiaa One delivers senior executives the information they need on business operations on demand - whenever, wherever. Executives interact with Cordiaa One through voice or text, just like they would ask Alexa.

Cordiaa One is built on top of Cordiaa, the AI-infused messaging platform from Cordiant Technologies.

A Conversational Data Layer(™) that draws both structured and unstructured data from line-of-business and legacy applications of the enterprise delivers the requested information quickly and efficiently to the Cordiaa One conversational engine.

Getting timely and accurate information on demand has always been a challenge for business leaders, Cordiaa One addresses this challenge in a big way through the effective use of Conversational AI.