Cordiant: The Most Integrated Operations Data Lake Solution for Banks & FIs

Internal Communication Engine Analytics and Visualization Engine Task Engine Robotic Process Automation Engine Document Management Engine Enterprise Search Engine OperationsData Lake

Build and Roll out Transformative Operational Applications on your Data Lake.


The Operations Data Lake is built by drawing both structured and unstructured data from the bank’s CBS and all other Line of Business applications and coherently connecting them all together through a secure, encrypted Enterprise Data Graph.

EmployeeApp Employee CBS andLine ofBusinessApplicationsData OperationsMicroservices OperationsData Lake EmbeddedSearch AES-256 Encrypted The Operations Data Lake as an Enterprise Data Graph, wired with Robotic Process Automation

Engines for Internal Communication, Task Management, Document Management, Enterprise Search, Robotic Process Automation and Analytics & Visualization come natively integrated with the Cordiant Operations Data Lake solution.

Master Data Management

  1. With the continuous integration of data from the CBS and other Line of Business Applications, the Operations Data Lake built as an Enterprise Data Graph becomes the single-point repository of the Master Data of the bank.
  2. The Master Data is stored with all its connections and relationships in place in the Enterprise Data Graph.
  3. You can now get a 360 degree View of Everything: Customers, Branches, Territories, Relationship Managers, Employees, Lines of Business, Bank’s Products, Third-party Products.

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Integrated Workplace Apps

Communication, Task and Document Management engines integrated with the Operations Data Lake route that data directly into the Data Lake.

Secure, bank-branded workplace apps on phones enhance the operational efficiency of every single employee.

Operational Efficiency in Numbers


Decreases several recurring operating costs by more than 50% over a year.
ROI kicks in within the first Qtr and increments every single Qtr.


90% gain in Employee Productivity through more streamlined operational processes and ‘Citizen Data Analytics’.


Find and acquire the most profitable customers* by mining the data that the bank already has. *The 20% who contribute to 80% of the business and profits.


Near-perfect Compliance, Risk Identification and Mitigation.

Built on DataStax Enterprise

The Cordiant Operations Data Lake Solution has been built from the ground up on DataStax Enterprise, the data management platform of choice of 9 of the top 15 global banks.

The solution can be deployed On-Premise, in the cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.