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We build intelligent messaging interfaces for your applications.

  • Conversational AI Interfaces that enhance the power and reach of your incumbent applications, customer-facing and employee-facing
  • New Omni-channel Customer Messaging Apps
  • Deploy moment-of-need help bots at scale for Employee Performance Support

Build Intelligent Messaging Interfaces for your applications

How many vacant rooms today?

11:10 AM

There are 32 vacant rooms today

11:10 AM

How many available to sell?

11:10 AM

18 are available to sell

11:10 AM

Any VIP arrivals?

11:10 AM

There are no VIP arrivals today.

11:10 AM

Build Intelligent Messaging Interfaces for your applications

At Cordiant, we specialize in building conversational apps.

The conversational interface we build uses speech recognition and text to augment the traditional GUI.

Unlike traditional business applications, users on conversational apps do not have to search for a specific function in the GUI. Instead, they speak or text in natural language to perform an action or to retrieve information.

Your application’s virtual assistant constantly converses with your users to understand their intent and performs the function for them.

Have Omni-channel conversations with your customers

We build applications that can help your create meaningful conversations with your customers, across channels - Whatsapp, SMS, MMS and Chat.

60% of the customers expect businesses to communicate with them through their preferred channel. So, with omni-channel conversations, you communicate with your customers on the channel they prefer, all from a single platform.

Forward-looking businesses have recognized messaging as the future of excellent customer experience. And increasing number of brands are making business-to-consumer messaging an integral part of their Digital Transformation strategy.

Deploy moment-of-need help bots at scale for Employee Performance Support

Build them yourselves

Empower your people through specialized Performance Support Chatbots that you yourselves can build, deploy and manage without bothering IT folks.

Deliver Moment-of-
need info

These chatbots deliver moment-of-need information to an employee whilst completing an operation or process, whilst using a software application or when the employee has a question on a specific topic.

Voice or Text

Employees can ask questions in plain English to these chatbots (voice or text) and get answers without having to talk to a human.

Knowledge Gap Dashboard

You can keep these chatbots continually updated through a Knowledge Gap Dashboard that highlights unanswered questions and also any outdated information delivered by these chatbots.


These chatbots can also be designed for onboarding new employees.

Learning & Development

And for ongoing training of both current and new employees as well.

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The world loves to text. Are you ready?